Geschenkkorb Ostern, Ostergeschenk


Geschenkkorb Weihnachten zB als Kundengeschenk
Geschenkkorb Whiskey und Schokolade mit Glenmorangie und Vencchi
Geschenkkorb Wein zB als Firmengeschenk

We love satisfied customers.
We are very happy about feedback through our clients. This shows us the desires and needs our clients and motivates at the same time. Provided by permanent feedback of our clients we can create the designs you love and fit the baskets to the customer's requirements.

A very warm 'thank you' to our clients at this point who permanently help us to improve and to expand our product range.

Feedback of corporate clients/ gift boxes
I want to thank you for the excellent gift boxes you sent us, our clients have been ravished by these delicious products and loved the stylish design. Thank you!

...our clients have been thrilled ... If we ever need gift boxes in the future please be sure that we will order again...

Thanks a lot for your professional and personal service! We are glat that we have found you through google.

Feedback of our clients / gift baskets

„It was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope to use your company again when the need arises.“

„Many thanks. After I spoke with you, I did talk to the client and they said that they did receive the basket and it was really wonderful. Thank you again, and it's great to have such good service and such quality products!!“

„The gift arrived to the delight of my brother, not to mention his wife who immediately claimed the beautiful basket for her knitting when it has been emptied : ). My mother told me that all admired the gift and how it was put together. Thank you for providing such excellent service..."

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We ship all gift baskets europewide!
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Gift and Gift Baskets to Belgium eg to Brussles, Antwerpen, Gent Gift Baskets
Gifts and Gift Baskets to Ireland eg to  Dublin, Limerick Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to PORTUGAL eg to  Lissabon Gift Baskets
Gifts and Gift baskets to Denmark eg Kopenhagen Gift Baskets
 Rome, Milan, Venice, Torino, Bologna, Pisa, Florenz Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to SWEDEN eg to  Stockholm Gift Baskets
Gifts and Gift BAskets to GERMANY eg to  Berlin, Frankfurt, München, Hamburg Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to LATHVIA Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to the SLOVAC REPUBLIC eg to  Bratislawa, Kosice Gift Baskets
Gifts and Gift BAskets to ENGLAND to London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to LITHUANIA  Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to SLOVENIA eg to  Ljubljana, Laibach, Maribor, Marburg Gift Baskets
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Gifts and Gift Baskets to FINLAND eg to Helsinki Gift Baskets
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Gift Baskets to CZECH eg to Prag, Brünn Gift Baskets
Gifts and Gift Baskets to FRANCE eg to Paris, Bordeaux, Nimes, Nice, Marseilles, Toulouse, Nantes, Prest, Strassbourg Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to NORWAY eg to  Oslo, Lillehammer Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to HUNGARY eg to Budapest Gift Baskets
Gifts and Gift Baskets to GREECE eg to Athens Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets to AUSTRIA eg gift baskets Vienna, gift baskets Graz, gift baskets Klagenfurt, gift baskets linz, gift baskets salzburg Gift Baskets
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Gifts and Gift Baskets to HOLLAND eg to Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag Gift Baskets
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Gift Baskets to SWITZERLAND eg to Bern, Zürich, Lausanne, Genf, Basel Gift Baskets
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Gift Baskets to Europe Europe, other countries Gift Baskets worldwide Gift Baskets worldwide
Gift Basket Europe Shop in German language Windeltorten, Babygeschenke, Geschenke zur Geburt, Geschenkkorb Geburt und Taufe
We ship all gift baskets all through Europe: 

 (eg Gift baskets to Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Gifts to Linz, Hampers to Salzburg, St. Pölten, Bregenz, Innsbruck, Eisenstadt, Amstetten, Spittal a.d.Drau, Mattersburg.....)

GERMANY (eg to Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Munich, Hannover, Leipzig, Bremen, Ulm, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg)

BELGIUM ( Gift baskets to to Brussles, Antwerpen, Gent...)

NETHERLANDS ( Gift baskets to Amsterdam, Den Haag, Groningen, Leiden, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht)

SLOWAC REP( Gift baskets to Bratislawa)

CZECH REP( Gift baskets to Prag und Brünn)

HUNGARY ( Gift baskets to Budapest, Pecs)

ITALY ( Gift baskets to Rom, Venedig, Mailand, Turin, Genua, Pisa, Florenz, Palermo, Reggio, San Marino, Udine, Siena....)

FRANCE ( Gift baskets Paris, Marsailles, Nizza, Toulouse, Nancy, Tours, Strassburg, Nantes, Antibes, Cannes....)

GREAT BRITAIN ( Gift baskets to London, Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Liverpool....)

SWITZERLAND( Gift baskets to Bern, Basel, Zurich, Lugano, Lausanne, Genf, Luzern )

SPAIN ( Gift baskets to Madrid, Malaga, Sevilla, Barcelona, Alicante...)


At we offer a wide range of gift baskets, hampers, gifts, baby gifts, diaper cakes. We provide Gift baskets like Gourmet gift baskets, wine gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, tea gift baskets, coffee gift baskets, baby gift baskets.

We create gift baskets for any occasion like gift baskets 'Happy Birthday', gift baskets for weddings, gift baskets 'thinking of you', gift baskets 'get well'

For Business we offer a wide range of corporate gift ideas to impress and induldge clients, business partners and employees.

Especially at Christmas time our Christmas gift baskets will send your seasonal greetings to business partners, family and friends and loved ones.

All gift baskets will be shipped as shown on our photos, wrapped into shrink wrap and Zello and decorated with a beautiful hand tied bow.

We are looking to create the perfect gift for you and love to be at your service through our online-shop, via fax, phone or mail.

Sincerely, yours Karin Rosenberger

We love to be at your service!

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