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Diaper cake ‚lady bug meets stork‘

Top class baby gift: this gorgeous 3 layer diaper cakes arrives wrapped into an amazing baby trolley suitcase with ladybugs

lady bug cuddling blanket wrapped in a cute bag
lady bug hot water bottle (cherry grains instead of water)
cute little bag with ladybug
plush lady bug
lady bug key ring for mummy
baby dishes (plate, mug, bowl)
stork rattle
stork wash cloth
cute shoes with stork
XL- plush – stork
stork cuddle blanket

they will love this ultra large and ultra cute baby gift…

259.00 EUR

Our shops will remain closed until Dez 18th 10 AM. CET due to too many orders. We will try to reopen our shops again. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks and best regards

Karin Rosenberger