Geschenkkorb, Geschenkkörbe, Präsentkorb, Präsentkörbe



Countrystyle gift basket with excellent Austrian treats.

The basket will serve as beautiful decoration for the country-side kitchen - as well as the matching dishcloth, oven cloth and the small cute bag.

Austrian Treats
Austrian handmade noodles
Vulcano Walnut filet (Filet of pork smoked with walnuts)
Vulcano Pepper-Salami Tiny sausages
Austrian Red Wine
Austrian Glogg
Rum-Plums covered in chocolate
Fruits dipped in chocolade
Austrian cookies
Big Bag of Mozartkugeln
Ginger Bread
and delicious Jam of Staud's.

Perfect for anyone who loves to be comfortable and tweedy.

115.00 EUR

Our shops will remain closed until Dez 18th 10 AM. CET due to too many orders. We will try to reopen our shops again. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks and best regards

Karin Rosenberger