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Giftbox for Teams

Prosecco, snacks and sweets – the perfect mixture to say ‚Thank You!‘ to a team. Here is something for everybody!

Delicious sparkling wine in gold bottle
Cheese pastries
Savoury crackers
Cheddar Cheese Creperolles
XXL Lindt Lindor chocolate bonbons
French chocolate
Cranberry cookies
Tender Amarettino almond cookies
Chestnut chocolate bonbons
French nougat
Dried goji berries

Further sizes readily available – please choose:

Medium gift: 1 bottle of sparkling wine
Other sizes: 2 bottles of sparkling wine

Further sizes or more sparkling wine, prosecco or redwine available upon request


Our shops will remain closed until Dez 18th 10 AM. CET due to too many orders. We will try to reopen our shops again. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks and best regards

Karin Rosenberger