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Impressing Wine Basket

A great choice for a holiday gift: Imagine their surprise when this impressing basket (news-rack) filled with great wines, delicious snacks and

finest Swiss Chocolates of Lindt arrives.
For Christmas season we decorate this basket affectionately with poinsettas, golden christmastree-balls and spruce.

Contains 2 bottles spanish Rioja (special wine - harvested by night!) .

2 bottles delicate Austrian Cabernet Sauvignon. Furthermore we add Snacks (e.g. Snyders Pretzelis), French jam, Olives, a nougat cigar (exellent Italian chocolate) and a huge chocolate bar of Swiss Chocolatier Lindt.

168.00 EUR

Our shops will remain closed until Dez 18th 10 AM. CET due to too many orders. We will try to reopen our shops again. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks and best regards

Karin Rosenberger