Geschenkkorb, Geschenkkörbe, Präsentkorb, Präsentkörbe

Culinary trip around Europe

We take you to a journey higgledy-piggledy through Europe. And this impressing giant wooden box with landscape-print on leather will show our way.

A variety of pasta e.g. of famous Italian Cipriani family
Spicy Italian sugo and pesto
Spanish tapas and Italian antipasti
Delicate French patÚs

Greek stuffed wine leaves
Creme de moutarde de Dijon (Mustard of Dijon)
Tasty crackers and Grissini
European chocolates eg Chocolate of Lindt
British home baked cookies
British fudges
and much more

NEW! Larger sizes with Spanish and Austrian Red Wine or French Champagne Moet&Chandon!


Our shops will remain closed until Dez 18th 10 AM. CET due to too many orders. We will try to reopen our shops again. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks and best regards

Karin Rosenberger